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If the past year has taught us anything it’s that the world could use a lot more positivity in it. That is where KimAnthy comes into play. A pop-rock duo from the east coast, KimAnthy is focused on bringing uplifting music to the world via their debut, Flying True.

Fusing together Kim Carter’s rousing lyricism with Anthony Gemignani’s musical prowess led to what they like to call, “Sap and Soul.” Comparable to the way one feels after listening to Coldplay or John  Mayer, Kimanthy’s Flying True is a hopeful experience wrapped up in 14 tracks.

The duo that makes up Kimanthy have not always had the power of two on their side, but they didn’t fare badly without one another either. Kim Carter is a successful children’s artist in New York City who had performed all over the world by the time she and Anthony came into her life. She goes by Kimmy Schwimmy and has over 70 original songs, and is currently working on Kimmy Schwimmy’s fourth album with Anthony.

As for him? He is a Berklee College of Music graduate. His degree and talent led him to be an effective touring artist for guitar and bass. Currently, he is on the road with VIXEN’s Janet Gardner.

Without being preachy, KimAnthy provides positive and inspiring messages in their music.