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KimAnthy is all about good vibes and up lifting music. This combination is a little strange coming from the children's music world of Kim Carter and the rock background of Anthony G. By combining these two ingredients, this due has come up with a sound all their own. 

There are beautiful ballads to foot stompin' and booty shaking songs all with the amazing messages of Kim's lyrics. 

Kim and Anthony have worked on this project for almost 4 years but the beauty of it is that they never forced anything and let it all happen when the inspiration hit them. It is a very personal and intimate album dipping into the deepness of both of them. They always laugh about that it feels like thunder and lightning when they are together and always magical.

Kim is always about the lyrics and melodies and Anthony admits he never pays attention to the words. This has all brought out a very unique sound that they have decided to call KimAnthy. Obviously a hybrid of their names. 

Take a listen to these amazing songs and feel your frequency and vibrations lift.